North Yonge Veterinary Hospital takes pride in the pet health care services we provide including pet vaccinations for cats and dogs. Our team of Veterinarians and professionally trained staff are firm believers in preventative health care for your pet.


Pet Vaccinations

This is why we encourage pet vaccinations. Pet Vaccinations help to protect pets against certain diseases that are associated with viruses or even bacteria. In some case these can be life threatening for your pet, or highly infectious. As a result, we stress the need for annual vaccinations and annual examinations for your pet (bi-annual for older pets).

Some vaccines can be given every three years while others have to be given annually. However, it is important that every pet have an annual examination.

Vaccinations for Your Puppy and Kitten are a Must

Kitten and puppy vaccinations help:

  • To ensure that “memory” is created within your young pet’s immune system to enable it to recognize foreign viruses or bacteria
  • To pick-up where maternal antibodies leave off

In addition to being protective, the antibodies which your pet receives during nursing will prevent any vaccines from being effective over the long term. The duration of this maternal protection is unpredictable, and varies between different pets and different diseases. A series of pet vaccinations is always given to ensure that your puppy or kitten will develop the protection it needs. Pets that do not complete the series are not protected against contagious viruses. In some cases this may result in severe illness or fatal infection.

You want your pet to live a long, healthy life, so we are here to offer vaccinations, check-ups and examinations that will ensure a better quality of life for your friend.

At first, many people ask why they should vaccinate their pet. Well, it’s really quite simple. First of all, rabies vaccinations are required by law in Ontario and you could receive a fine for not vaccinating your pet. Second, reputable pet grooming, boarding/kennel and veterinary hospitals will not accept pets if they are not vaccinated. Third, vaccinations prevent a number of serious diseases and illnesses that can be life-threatening and debilitating. Fourth, it is important to vaccinate your pet simply because it also protects you, your family and the community at large against rabies. And finally, vaccinations are a must before spaying and neutering.

For new pet owners, puppies and kittens require more than one set of vaccinations. Remember, animals obtain protective maternal antibodies from their mother. As your puppy or kitten grows, this maternal protection diminishes, and your pet becomes increasingly susceptible to disease. This is why puppies and kittens need a series of boosters – primary immunization shots.

Are There Any Risks Associated With Pet Vaccinations?

This is a commonly asked question we receive from our clients. The short answer is yes, but keep in mind the risk is extremely small. The odds of something wrong happening to your pet are extremely slim. And the chance of something going wrong when you don’t vaccinate your pet is very high. So weigh the odds. It’s proven that vaccination is the only way to go!

Dog and Cat Vaccinations

At North Yonge Veterinary Hospital, we believe in educating pet owners on the importance of pet vaccinations.

It is important you know that when any vaccine is given to an animal, there is a slight risk that your pet may have a reaction, like an allergy. These reactions can range from relatively mild facial swelling and hives, to more serious cases of vomiting, diarrhea, difficulty breathing, and collapse. As in humans, vaccines can rarely cause other diseases such as immune disease and a rare form of cancer called fibrosarcoma.

However, please remember that these occurrences are extremely rare and they do not outweigh the overwhelming benefit to the vast majority of animals to be protected against certain diseases.

At North Yonge Veterinary Hospital, we use safe vaccines available today and the reality is that the rate of reaction to these vaccines is extremely small and usually very mild if they occur.

Our veterinarians are in tune with current vaccinations and they administer the correct vaccines to ensure your pet is not at risk.

Does My Pet Need to Be Vaccinated Every Year?

Animal Vaccinations The protection which is provided by a vaccine will generally decrease over a certain period of time. As a result, periodic booster vaccines are required to ensure that your pet’s immune systems can thwart off infectious diseases of sorts.

Recent studies show that protection in most healthy animals who have been properly vaccinated typically last several years for some of the vaccines, while other vaccines may only produce immunity for a year. However we will be able to discuss all this with you during your appointment with us.

It is important to know that visiting us regularly means we will help detect problems early and will ensure your pet is given the right vaccination to ensure they have a high quality of life. 

We are here as experts who will educate and guide you on the importance and best practices there are with vaccinations.

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