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Pet Wellness Exam

Pet Wellness Exams from Our Newmarket Veterinarian

If your pet were clearly ill or injured, you wouldn't hesitate for a moment to bring him to a Newmarket veterinarian at North Yonge Veterinary Hospital for treatment. Do you also schedule regular veterinary appointments when your pet appears happy and healthy? Pet wellness exams are a critical step in making sure that your pet maintains optimal health, year after year. Our vet care center is more than happy to check your pet's health and take care of any little issues before they become big problems.

Pet Wellness Exams

Why Preventative Wellness Is So Important

Many people never get their own health checked unless they're obviously ill. This isn’t a great idea for us or our pets. Your best friend may look perfectly well at the moment while actually harboring the early stages of dangerous ailments. Cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes, and internal organ problems may show no signs of their presence for quite some time, even though they're eroding your pet's well-being. Nutritional insufficiencies and poor diet can lay the groundwork for a number of problems, including obesity, which is a major risk factor for many serious illnesses.

Pets face different health threats at different stages of life. Puppies and kittens are especially vulnerable to the effects of communicable diseases and pest infestations. They also have different nutritional requirements than adult animals. Senior pets become more prone to cognitive, balance, and sensory issues, as well as systemic diseases, organ failure, dental trouble, and incontinence. Your smartest strategy is to make sure your pet receives periodic wellness exams throughout his life.

What to Expect at Our Vet Care Clinic

Our vet care clinic will usually recommend a series of wellness exams and procedures for baby animals, annual wellness exams for adults, and twice-yearly exams for pets aged 7 and older. A typical pet wellness exam includes:

  • A thorough evaluation of the skin, eyes, ears, nose, feet, and hair
  • Monitoring of vital signs such as blood pressure and heart action
  • Blood and urine testing to check for diseases and organ dysfunction
  • Fecal testing to check for parasites and digestive diseases
  • Weighing your pet to check for obesity
  • Evaluation of stance, gait, responses, and behavior

If we discover a problem, we can then provide immediate recommendations for treatment, from medication or surgery to lifestyle modifications.

Make the Call to North Yonge Veterinary Hospital

Don't just hope or assume that your pet is well. Make certain of it by scheduling his next wellness examination. Call our Newmarket office at today!

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