Pet Boarding

If you're looking for boarding for cat services, look no further than North Yonge Veterinary Hospital in Newmarket, ON! Our services focus on giving your cat the best experience while you're away. When regular pet sitting won't cut it, it's crucial to get help from our veterinarian. Below are many reasons you can benefit from cat boarding services in Newmarket, ON.

Cat Boarding

Pet Boarding Vs. Cat Sitting

You can use either pet boarding or cat-sitting services for your beloved feline. However, there are some differences between the two.

Pet boarding provides cats with a safe and comfortable environment within our North Yonge Veterinary Hospital hospital walls. We provide food and water, regular exercise, playtime, and plenty of cuddles while they stay with us. This care is especially beneficial if you're going out of town for an extended period because it allows your cat to feel secure in familiar surroundings while being taken care of by experienced veterinarians who can monitor their health.

On the other hand, cat sitting involves having someone check on your cat in their home when you're away for a shorter time. Although this can be beneficial for cats who don't do well in unfamiliar environments, such as when you're away on vacation, it isn't always the best option if your cat needs medical attention or regular care.

Benefits of Cat Boarding Services

At North Yonge Veterinary Hospital, we provide cat boarding services to meet all our feline friend's needs. With our experienced staff and comfortable facilities, we ensure your pet is safe and secure while you're away. Here are just some benefits of choosing North Yonge Veterinary Hospital for your pet boarding needs:

  • Professional Care - Our veterinarians have years of experience providing quality care to cats of all shapes and sizes. We will monitor your cat's health while they stay with us, ensuring they receive the best treatment possible.
  • Comfort and Safety - Our hospital has state-of-the-art facilities to ensure your cat's comfort during its stay. We also provide regular exercise and playtime for the cats in our care to keep them active and happy.
  • Peace of Mind - Knowing that your pet is safe and secure while you're away can give you peace of mind when traveling. With our cat boarding services, you can rest assured that your beloved feline friend is being taken care of by professionals who understand their needs.

Schedule Your Boarding Appointment

At North Yonge Veterinary Hospital, we strive to ensure that all pets in our care feel welcome and comfortable. If you're looking for a reliable veterinary service for cat boarding in Newmarket, ON, contact us at (905) 830-0437 to learn more about our services and schedule an appointment. Our staff is here to answer any questions and provide the best possible care for your pet.

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