An overview of Microchipping from North Yonge Veterinary Hospital

At North Yonge Veterinary Hospital, we provide a number of services from a veterinarian in Newmarket. This includes micro-chipping. Take a look at some of the most common benefits of micro-chipping, along with a few misconceptions, below!


Microchipping Benefits

It is critical for every pet owner to make sure that their pets are taken care of. This involves taking the pet to the vet at least once per year. This is important for making sure that pets are happy and healthy, which includes vaccinations. One other topic that pet owners need to focus on involves microchipping. When it comes to microchipping a pet, there are a few important points that people need to keep in mind.

First, pet owners need to know what a pet microchip is. A microchip is something that goes under the surface of the skin. It contains a lot of important information that healthcare professionals can use to help a pet if they find the pet lost. We understand that many pet owners might be hearing about a pet microchip for the first time. There are a few common misconceptions that people have about a pet microchip. We are here to rectify them.

Common Misconceptions About a Pet Microchip

The first misconception that pet owners commonly have is that implanting a microchip is going to hurt. This is not the case. No anesthesia is required and the implantation process is very similar to a vaccine or other shot. This process actually only takes a couple of seconds.

Second, there are a lot of pet owners who feel like because their pets wear collars that contain tags, there isn’t any need for a microchip. This is not the case. Collar tags should be worn and should contain the name and contact information of the pet owner; however, a collar can fall off or become scuffed and hard to read. A microchip will not have this problem.

Finally, there are also a lot of pet owners that are under the impression that microchips are too expensive. This is not the case. Microchips are actually very affordable. A lot of pets that are purchased from shelters might already have a microchip. If you would like to learn more about pet microchips, we are here to help. Make sure that you have access to the facts on pet microchips by reaching out to us today.

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