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Pet Dentistry in Newmarket

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pet dentistryPet owners know the importance of having strong and healthy teeth for their pet as do the veterinarians and staff at North Yonge Veterinary Hospital. In fact, pet dentistry is of special interest to us. As a result, we offer free dental examinations for dogs and cats in order to help ensure the overall health of your pet. 

In addition, we also provide full dental services on-site that include canine and feline teeth cleaning, polishing and extractions

Why Clean Your Pet’s Teeth?

It’s a factthree out of every four pets have dental disease. Good dental health for your pet reduces the spread of various kinds of infections to other organs, such as heart, kidneys, liver and brain. Poor dental health can reduce your pet’s lifespan and decrease its quality of life in many ways. And like humans, dental disease can be painful, and dental tartar poses a number of health threats. In addition, poor oral hygiene in pets is a leading cause of chronic bad breath. 

Taking care of your pet’s teeth will keep them smiling and wagging their tails with happiness. A healthy lifestyle means your pet is happier.

North Yonge Veterinary Hospital will provide your friend with regular dental examinations. We also offer a variety of dental health products, services and preventative diet tips and plans that will keep your pet smiling from ear to ear.  

Call us today to learn more about professional pet dentistry and our veterinary health care services: 905-830-0437.

*Accredited by the College of Veterinarians of Ontaro.

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