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Creepy-Crawly Fleas

Creepy-crawly fleas…disgusting?? Well, yes.!! Crawling in your pet’s fur, biting and sucking blood, and the cause of all sorts of allergic skin disease. Fleas cause scratching and skin infections, laying eggs, larva in your carpets, floors, furniture and reproducing in these areas at an alarming rate! Not a very nice picture, is it? Not to mention that fleas also spread tapeworms to pets too and can consume enough blood to cause your pet to become anemic.

For most pet owners, the problem of fleas can be completely avoided as long as some very simple preventive measures are taken(treating a flea infestation is far more involved and costly than simple prevention). For the most part, this simply involves a once a month preventive, as prescribed by a veterinarian. We DO NOT recommend using over the counter/pet store flea products due to poor or no results(wasted money), worsening of the problem and sometimes toxic effects to the pet(which we unfortunately see on a regular basis).

Flea season is upon us now and usually continues and worsens until early – mid-winter(since they live in your home as well as outside), so if your pet is not on a veterinary-prescribed prevention program, just give us a call – it’s simple, easy and extremely effective – in fact, clients that use these products on their pets never come in with creepy crawling flea stories! You’re busy enough – you don’t need to deal with flea problems!

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