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Bird and Exotic Vet Pet in Newmarket, ON

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Bird and Exotic Pet Vet

**Bird and Exotic Pet Vet appointments are only available on Wednesdays and Fridays**

The North Yonge Veterinary Hospital, proudly serving Newmarket and York Region since 1992, truly understands that your pet be it your dog, cat and or bird and exotic pet is your best friend.

We are here for your pet’s health and wellness needs. As such, we offer many veterinary services  for birds and many species of exotic pets.

Our team cares about the health of every pet that comes through our doors, and thanks to the guidance of Dr. Sarah Hansford, rest assure that your bird and exotic pet will receive complete health and wellness care.

Dr. Sarah Hansford is available for appointments at the North Yonge Veterinary Hospital and she has always had a special interest in birds and exotic pets, along with dogs and cats. 

She knows that your bird or exotic pet requires special attention as they beat to a different sort of drummer, so-to-speak. In fact, each one has a number of fascinating needs on the physiology, psychology, housing, and dietary fronts.

Dr. Hansford and our devoted team are dedicated to the health and wellness of birds – small and medium sized, as well as rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets and pocket pets that include chinchillas, degus, hedgehogs, rats, hamsters and mice, etc…

We will look after the needs of your bird or exotic pet with ease. Our environment is welcoming for your bird and exotic pet and we pride ourselves on the fact that we provide extensive health care in our full service animal hospital.

We Offer Bird and Exotic Pet Vet Services Including:

  • Dentistry
  • Full pet hospital and medical services, including hospitalization
  • Diet and Nutrition
  • Trimming beaks, and nails for birds
  • Trimming for all species
  • Diagnostic laboratory tests and x-rays
  • General Wellness: vaccinations and grooming
  • Behaviour consultations
  • And more…

Request an appointment today: 905.830.0437. New clients are welcome!

*Accredited by the College of Veterinarians of Ontario.

Bird and Exotic Pet Vet serving York Region including Newmarket, Aurora, Vaughan, King City, Richmond Hill, Toronto and beyond.

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