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From going on hikes to going for walks around the block, our pets are always right by our side. Whether you own a dog or cat, these pets are always there for us. That being said, we always do whatever it takes to ensure our pets are living happy, healthy lives. While we do our best to feed them well and get them exercise, it’s also important to take them for regular veterinary services. No matter what health solutions you’re searching for, North Yonge Veterinary Hospital is here for you. Located in Newmarket, ON, we have some of the leading veterinary specialists in the whole area. Keep reading to learn more about our outstanding services, including how you can contact us for more information.

Veterinary Services

Our Services

When looking for a veterinary office, it’s important to choose one that offers a lot of professional services. This proves that they are true experts in the field and have many techniques and treatment options for your specific needs. Check out some of our top-notch services below:

Spaying and Neutering

For professional spaying and neutering services, we have the experts you can trust. Spaying and neutering provide many important health benefits for your pet, including extending their lifespan and preventing unwanted litters. This service is also done to prevent disease, infection, and other health issues.


Vaccinations are vital for the health of your pet, especially when they’re young. Pet vaccinations help to prevent certain disease and infections that can be fatal. Call us today if you have questions about our vaccination services.

Heartworm Prevention

The unfortunate truth is that heartworm disease is on the rise. That being said, it’s now more important than ever to ensure you’re taking all preventative measures to keep your pet safe. Here at our office, we offer professional heartworm disease testing, including preventative treatment programs to ensure long-lasting health.

Pet Nutrition

While it’s important to have your pet exercise frequently, their diet should also be a top concern. If your pet needs help with their nutritional intake, we are proud to offer expert nutritional coaching to ensure your pet is eating healthy.


Just like humans, pets too need dental care from time to time. Pet dentistry is a great way to ensure your pet has a healthy mouth that’s free of infection and disease. Call us today to schedule a pet dental checkup.

Routine Exams

Sometimes the only way to know of a health problem with your pet is by taking them in for a checkup. Routine exams help to prevent your pet from disease, infection, and many other dangerous health concerns.

Chose Our Professional Veterinarian

Looking for pet care? We are proud to have a leading veterinarian who understands how to treat your pet with the care they deserve.

Located in Newmarket, ON, North Yonge Veterinary Hospital is here to provide a long list of exceptional veterinary services. Call us today at (905) 830-0437to make an appointment!

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